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Garage Sales

  • How do I obtain a permit?

    Garage sale permits are available at the Receptionist Desk located on the first floor of Town Hall (100 West Eldorado Pky) Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. The fee is $10.00 (cash or check) and includes five (5) signs that meet our specifications.

    The permit may only be obtained by an adult occupant of the property where the garage sale will be conducted, or their designated representative. Proof of ownership or occupancy may be verified by the Town by a copy of the deed, copy of the rental / lease agreement or by water ARCount information.

    You will be required to post a copy of the permit on the location of the garage sale throughout the duration of the sale.

  • How many can I have?

    Garage sale permits are issued by property address, not applicant name. Each address is allowed three garage sales per calendar year. A minimum of 30 days must elapse between garage sales.

    Community garage sales do not count against your three allowed sales per year.

  • Where are they allowed?

    A garage sale may only be issued for properties that are zoned for residential use. Garage sale items may be displayed for sale only in the following areas: residential yard, garage, patio area, under a carport covering, driveway or inside a residence.

  • How long can it run?

    A garage sale permit will be valid for up to three consecutive calendar days. On each day, the garage sale is allowed to open 30 minutes following the sunrise and must close 30 minutes before sunset. All garage sale items must be removed by 8:00 a.m. the day following the last day of the sale.

  • What happens if there is a cancellation?

    If inclement weather occurs during the garage sale long enough to cause a full day’s worth of cancellation, the garage sale shall not count towards the three allowed garage sales per year for that property. The occupant must contact the Planning and Development Department the next business day following the cancellation to reschedule the sale.

    If the applicant does not notify the Planning & Development Department the following business day, the garage sale will be counted. Permit fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

  • Can my friends sell their goods at my garage sale?

    No more than three families may combine their property for sale at a single garage sale. If you want to include more than three families then you will need to follow the regulations for a Community Garage Sale.

  • What are Community Garage Sales?

    A Community Garage Sale can be held by an Organized Neighborhood Association (POA, HOA, NA). Each Neighborhood Association is allowed two Community Garage Sales per calendar year. A Board member of the Neighborhood Association would be responsible for obtaining the permit. Community Garage Sales do not count against your allowed sales per year for your individual property.

    Items must be placed at least seven feet back from the curb and at least five feet from the sides of the property.

  • Can nonprofit organization conduct garage sales?

    A nonprofit organization may conduct a garage sale on the Nonprofit Organization’s property regardless of zoning or on other property with permission. If the Nonprofit desires to conduct a garage sale on property not its own they must present a letter from the property owner authorizing the garage sale on their property. The letter must include the name of the nonprofit organization as well as the dates the sale is to take place.

    The garage sale will be counted as a sale for the property on which it takes place. The number of families in the garage sale is not restricted.

  • How many signs can I have?

    The Town will issue five signs for each garage sale. All other signs are strictly prohibited. You may only use the signs provided to you by the Town and only for the sale they are permitted for.

  • Do I have to pay for the signs?

    When you apply for a garage sale permit you will be provided five signs from the Town. The fee for the permit covers the cost of the signs. These signs must then be affixed to a wood or metal stake.

  • Where can I put the signs?

    No signs are allowed in any public right of way or on a utility pole. Prior to placement of a garage sale sign on private property, permission must be obtained from theproperty owner. Such permission must be indicated by the property owner’s signature on the back of the garage sale sign