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Pools Are Open!

Published: June 15, 2020

As of this morning, all four pools in Sunset Pointe are open for the summer, though with some new guidelines:

Due to occupancy restrictions, residents may only enter through the front gates at each pool. The side gates will still allow for an emergency exit, but are turned off for entry.

Residents will only be allowed into the pools if they have filled out the paperwork listed below. Pool release forms turned into the office after 4:00 PM Monday through Friday and on weekends will not be activated until the following business day and will be activated in the order received.

Pool Release Forms

All homeowners, residents, and/or tenants wishing to access the pools this season must fill out a release form and return it to the management staff. 

All forms must be received by 4pm to
receive cards the next business day.
All release forms must be accompanied by a copy of each adult's ID or driver's license. All adults in the household must sign the release and all children's names must be listed. 

Homeowners with existing pool cards will need to complete the following forms:

New homeowners requesting cards for the first time will need to complete the following forms:

New tenants requesting cards will need to provide the following information:

Tenants with existing cards will need to provide the following information:
  • Pool Release Form
  • An executed copy of the tenant's lease. 
  • Copies of each adult's ID or driver's license.

Forms may be returned via email at n.guyton@sbbmanagement, mailed to the on-site HOA office: 2300 Dawn Mist Drive, Little Elm, TX 75068, or dropped through the mail slot in the on-site office door.
Documents will be processed every business day. Pool cards will be delivered to the Sunset Pointe address, and residents will be notified via phone call when the cards have been dropped off. 

The HOA will not be accepting in person meetings at this time due to the occupancy level of 50% of the office space. If you feel that it is necessary to meet with a member of the staff, please email us at and a Zoom virtual meeting will be set up to assist you.

Accounts must be current for pool cards to be activated. 

New Pool Hours

Each pool will close for thirty minutes after each two hour swim session in order to allow cleanings. In order to accommodate the new protocols, pool hours have been adjusted. 

Additional Guidelines and Rules for the Use of the Pools in
Addition to the Rules Already in Place
Dawn Mist Occupancy at 50% is not more than 80 persons.
(To include pool monitor and pool porter)
Leisure Lane Occupancy at 50% is not more than 80 persons.
(To include pool monitor and pool porter)
Seabrook Occupancy at 50% is no more than 62 persons.
(To include pool monitor and pool porter)
Bahia Rio Occupancy at 50% is no more than 90 persons.
(To include pool monitor and pool porter)


2. PLEASE STAY HOME if you have a cough, fever, or shortness of breath. If you or anyone in your
household has been sick in the past two (2) weeks or exposed to someone who has been sick in the past
two (2) weeks.

3. Residents will not be allowed access to the pool or related facilities until the release form has been signed and returned to the HOA office. All release forms must be signed by all residents of the home over the age of 18 and the legal guardians of any minor children residing in the home.

4. Each person using the pool and related facilities are solely responsible for and must take all precautions
recommended by local, state, and United States Center of Disease Control (CDC) to avoid infection and prevent others from being infected including, but not limited to washing hands frequently, maintaining family gathers of five (5) or less individuals, and wearing a mask whenever possible.

5. Due to limited capacity, there will be no guests allowed.

6. No lines or groups allowed to line up prior to the swim session.

7. Social Distancing must be maintained on the pool deck and in the water at all times.

8. Splash pad is closed.

9. All pool monitors will be wearing masks.

10. Users are encouraged to wear a mask.

a. Examples of when it is encouraged to wear a mask
i. When entering and leaving the pool facility
ii. When utilizing restroom facilities

11. Shoes are required when using the restroom facilities
12. There is no food allowed.

13. No group pool games or playing catch in or around the pool.

14. Large flotation devices are not allowed. Personal flotation devices and pool noodles are allowed


Violations of these rules will be considered a “threat to public health or safety” and may subject individuals to immediate temporary suspension or immediate permanent suspension of the privilege to
use the pool or related facilities for the remainder of the 2020 season, as determined by the Board of Directors.

Changes Made By HOA For The Pools

a. Hand sanitizer station is available at the pool entry.

b. Temporary suspension of entry to everyone under the age of 16 without a parent.

c. Each swim session is two hours in length with a 30-minute shutdown for pool facility cleaning
and sanitation. All users must leave the pool facility during this period

d. There is no pool furniture available to residents.

e. Users will have the option to bring in their own seating surfaces to the pool facility. No loungers allowed.

f. Step pulls have been installed at gates and restroom doors to provide a no touch entry.

g. All restrooms have auto flush toilets and automatic faucets

Two Sunset Pointe HOA

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